recruitment services
Executive Search both National and International, expertise and confidentiality as it is intended. As the client, this means that you have an extensive network of potential candidates at your disposal from both the business world and the public sector. The starting point is a meticulous formulation of the requirements that will lead to a profile resulting in a short list of available candidates. Aspects such as organisation culture and organisation development are taken into account.

The way we work is characterised by the personal approach combined with extensive experience. With our positive, critical approach, we think along with our clients and candidates. Direct and transparent with a continuous focus on results. The best candidate in the most appropriate place.
Recruitment is more than just selecting CVs and application letters. It’s about being able to present you with a shortlist of candidates who choose you organisation with conviction. Inspired and motivated candidates who want to work for you. KOMAROMI RECRUITMENT handles the planning and carries out the recruitment and selection for you.The knowledge, skills, capacities and competencies of the candidates are established. Furthermore, we can also support the candidate with coaching.

It is all about finding the best talent for the most appropriate place. To this end, it is essential that the connection is found with the culture, vision and direction of your organisation. The candidate can then be deployed more quickly and effectively.
For temporary projects and renewal and change processes, KOMAROMI RECRUITMENT offers our clients a solution for continuity. We deliver temporary expertise or capacity. Whether it concerns management issues in Finance & Control, in Information Management or in Governance. Our interest in people and organisation developments has meant we have built up a large network that we can deploy effectively.

Specialists who we select for our clients are approached personally by us. Commitment, personality and enterprise play an important role in this. Specialists that create value. Thus, our clients can always expect a strong collaboration.
KOMAROMI RECRUITMENT supports people in change processes. Whether it about making a career move, a career change or working on your personal effectiveness. A coaching programme helps you to find the right tools to make choices and to accept responsibility.

We offer customised career programmes in which you can make use of our extensive partner network. Furthermore, you can come to us if you require coaching and supervision for your work and to work on your personal effectiveness. The outcome of all this is that you are inspired and motivated to take effective steps to get back to work in your new or current position.